High School League News

JNW Club Prize giving - 13 September 2017 at 18:30 at Trinityhouse High School Randpark Ridge

Primary School League News

Schools who are interested in playing in the JNW Club League will be able to register for the 2018 League from April 2018. Please visit the page for new information that will be published and for meeting notifications.


schools who would like to participate in the JNW Primary School League

Please note the following:

  • Every School is responsible for refreshment for their own players.
  • The tuck shop will be open.
  • Every school are responsible for giving me their match results immediately after the match.
  • Bring your completed Score sheets with you.
  • A team will have 6 players and 1 Reserve last board (The Reserve will play as player 7 on board 7)
  • A match will consists of a total score out of 6
  • We will not use clocks. We will only used clocks if it became necessary to bring a game to an end.
  • Every school must bring a person to be with a team. (No interfering with league games are allowed)
  • We may play Swiss format if entries are less than 8 teams.